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The Ford government denied 1,500 people who applied for standing at public hearings the right to be heard and ignored 19,143 pages of written submissions. The process by which Bill 74, the sweeping health care restructuring law has been steamrolled through is profoundly undemocratic. These are our health care services: our local hospitals, our nursing homes, our home and community care services. We fund them and we rely on them. It is completely undemocratic to steamroll the legislation through without public input. Ontario’s health care system is a public system funded by the residents of Ontario.

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~ It gives extraordinary new powers to the Minister of Health and a new superagency to order, direct, coerce & otherwise force mega-mergers, service transfers, from town to town. It been created in secret behind closed doors with a plan to drive it through the Ontario Legislature and begin implementation at breakneck speed.

~ It gives extraordinary new powers to the Minister of Health and a new superagency to order, direct, coerce & otherwise force mega-mergers, service movement, transfers, closures and privatization. The evidence from past experiments that were much smaller in scope cost billions of dollars, taking money away from care that will never be recovered. This plan will be enormously costly, destabilizing and damaging just when we need a government that will rebuild not destroy public health care.

~ It is totally undemocratic. The public nor nurses, doctors, health professionals, and health care staff have not been consulted at all about these very complex and far-reaching plans. The process by which this legislation has been created is a total departure from democratic norms. Mr. Ford cannot claim to govern “for the people” and keep secret from the people a health care omnibus bill that will result in major health care restructuring and privatization.

~ What is planned is not seamless integration. It is disintegration and a patchwork quilt of inconsistent services.

~ For-profit privatization threatens public health care. We want our services run for the people of Ontario in the public interest not for private interests.

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