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The Wage Subsidy Program: Canadian Workers’ Lifeline – Not to be taken away

9,000 air transportation workers and IAM members are calling on you as their legislative representative to ensure employers across Canada maintain a critical lifeline for these workers, the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS) program. This is not just a plea to help workers, this is about economic stability and health of the Canadian economy for years to come. Decisions made now will impact generations of Canadians and determine the fate of an industry of a national and strategic importance, air transportation.

Any measures that can be taken to mitigate and support workers at this unprecedented time, one that is even being called a larger disaster than the Great Depression, must be taken swiftly. Employers need to treat IAM members in a dignified manner; after all, these workers are at the heart of many businesses and global reputations of Canadian companies.

With over 50,000 members across Canada, the IAMAW is requesting that employers participate in the CEWS program. The Union will work to ensure this valuable benefit continues to be available for IAMAW members during these turbulent times.

Workers are always bear the brunt of economic downturns and disasters with a great cost to their lives.

We’re calling on you to right this wrong by adding your name to demand employers maintain their employees on the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS) program.

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