20 Days/20 Ways - Day 10 (Keep the Gun Registry: Disarm Domestic Violence)

Send a postcard a day to the Prime Minister to remind him that for twenty years women have been waiting for action. Each year, women across the country commemorate the fourteen young women who were killed on December 6, 1989, at the École Polytechniques in Montreal and all other women who have died as a result of male violence.

Stop Canada-Colombia Free Trade

The movement in opposition to the Canada-Colombia FTA has been growing across Canada, Colombia and the United States.

If the Canadian government choose to ratify the proposed free trade deal with Colombia, Canada will remove any leverage or influence it might have to help improve the country's terrible human rights record.

Protect Canada's Auto Industry

The auto industry is a crucial part of the Canadian economy.  Every job in a major auto plant supports 7.5 jobs in the national economy. The auto industry in Canada supports 440,000 or more jobs in total, including in the auto parts sector, and generates billions of dollars per year in tax revenues. The auto industry needs short-term help, but it also needs a long-run plan.

Save Our Severance

As more and more Ontario workers lose their jobs, far too many are also experiencing the tragedy of being denied their severance and other monies owed to them by their employer.

Too many workers have had to take drastic action, whether through plant occupations or blockades, in an effort to secure their wages, severance and termination pay. As the current recession deepens, more workers will face bankrupt and insolvent businesses as well as more runaway employers.

Dignity is a Minimum Standard

Residents in Ontario long-term care facilities are entitled to quality care delivered with respect and dignity. Yet thousands of CAW members who work in health care know from personal experience that Ontario has not been meeting this standard.