Save Our Severance

As more and more Ontario workers lose their jobs, far too many are also experiencing the tragedy of being denied their severance and other monies owed to them by their employer.

Too many workers have had to take drastic action, whether through plant occupations or blockades, in an effort to secure their wages, severance and termination pay. As the current recession deepens, more workers will face bankrupt and insolvent businesses as well as more runaway employers.

Dignity is a Minimum Standard

Residents in Ontario long-term care facilities are entitled to quality care delivered with respect and dignity. Yet thousands of CAW members who work in health care know from personal experience that Ontario has not been meeting this standard.

End Workplace Violence Against Women

Workplace violence mars the lives of working women. Currently, the Occupational Health and Safety Act falls short for countless female workers across the province, sometimes in deadly ways.

The CAW is calling on the Government of Ontario to amend the existing Occupational Health and Safety Act to make workplace protection against violence and harassment mandatory by law.

Ban Asbestos

Canada must BAN ASBESTOS

The International Labour Organization (ILO) estimates that 100,000 workers die each year from cancer caused by asbestos. There are also unknown tens of thousands of other workers who are dying from asbestosis and other asbestos related diseases.