Take action to stop Bill 377

Strong democracies and workers’ rights require strong unions.
The Conservative government’s Bill 377 is an attempt to weaken unions and undermine workers’ rights.

Justice for Injured Workers

The workers’ compensation system in Ontario has been deteriorating and continues to get worse. As a result many workers are suffering problems with the workers’ compensation system (WSIB); many are not reporting injuries and experience even more severe injuries as a result. Many others are claiming disability benefits rather than filing compensation claims.

Extend Special EI Measures, Support Laid-Off Workers!

The Employment Insurance (EI) program is of critical importance to working Canadians, particularly in the face of the current economic recession. 


The CAW and the FFAW are current campaigning for the federal government to act immediately to extend these budget measures and EI pilot projects to ensure vital EI support for laid-off workers remains intact across the country.


You can help with this vital campaign!

20 Days/20 Ways - Day 10 (Keep the Gun Registry: Disarm Domestic Violence)

Send a postcard a day to the Prime Minister to remind him that for twenty years women have been waiting for action. Each year, women across the country commemorate the fourteen young women who were killed on December 6, 1989, at the École Polytechniques in Montreal and all other women who have died as a result of male violence.

Stop Canada-Colombia Free Trade

The movement in opposition to the Canada-Colombia FTA has been growing across Canada, Colombia and the United States.

If the Canadian government choose to ratify the proposed free trade deal with Colombia, Canada will remove any leverage or influence it might have to help improve the country's terrible human rights record.