It’s time for action for women’s equality

Lobby your Member of Parliament to take action for child care and paid domestic violence leave.
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Stand up for Pensions – Stop C-27!

On October 19, 2016, Bill C-27, An Act to amend the Pension Benefits Standards Act, 1985, was quietly introduced in the House of Commons. The Bill establishes a framework for single-employer target-benefit pension plans (TBPs) in the federal private sector and for Crown corporations.

Dignity 4 Residents. Respect 4 Long-Term Care Providers.

The Nova Scotia government is balancing its books on the backs of seniors in long-term care. Unifor needs your support to tell the Premier and his government that our seniors and caregivers deserve dignity and respect.

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Appuyez les travailleuses et travailleurs chez Target! Corrigez le régime d'assurance-emploi!

Joignez vous aux nombreuses voix demandant au ministre fédéral de l’Emploi et du Développement social, Jason Kenney, de prendre des mesures d’urgence pour accorder un accès à l’assurance-emploi aux travailleuses et travailleurs chez Target qui ne pourront y être admissibles autrement. En raison du seuil élevé d’admissibilité fixé à 910 heures sur une période de 52 semaines, plusieurs travailleuses et travailleurs chez Target ne recevront pas les prestations d’assurance-emploi au moment où ils en ont le plus besoin.

Support Target workers! Fix EI!

Take a moment to lend your support to Target workers. Join the chorus calling on federal Minister of Employment and Social Development Jason Kenney to take emergency measures to grant access to Employment Insurance to Target workers who wouldn’t otherwise qualify. Because of the high qualifying threshold of up to 910 hours over 52 weeks, many Target workers will not receive EI when they need it most.