End the Blood Ban

Canada’s health care system faces a chronic shortage of donated blood and blood products. Looking back to the beginning of 2018, Canada’s national blood inventory has been constantly below optimal levels. The scale of the problem is clear: while roughly 52% of all Canadian so they or a family member have required donated blood at some point, only 4% of Canadians are active blood donors.

Gardons les emplois de l’aérospatiale de Bombardier au site de Downsview

Bombardier a récemment annoncé publiquement son intention de vendre le site de Downsview dans le nord de la ville de Toronto. Unifor s’oppose totalement à la vente des installations et du terrain de Downsview parce qu’elle entraînerait la perte d’emplois de qualité à court terme et pour l’avenir.

Keep aerospace jobs at Bombardier Downsview

Bombardier has recently come out publicly announcing that it is seeking to sell off the Downsview site, in the north end of Toronto. Unifor is absolutely opposed to the sale of the Downsview facility and lands as it will result in the loss of good jobs - now and in the future.

Keep Unimin Jobs in Canada!

Unimin is moving Canadian work to the U.S., resulting in the loss of nearly 100 good jobs at the Nephton mine near Havelock, Ontario.

Personal emergency leave for auto workers

Ontario auto workers have been unfairly singled out with an Employment Standards Act exemption that provides a lesser standard of personal emergency leave than that given to other workers. Tell the Ontario government to fix this now! Sign the petition here.