Put Safety First on the High Sea

Working out on the open sea can be seriously dangerous – and the last thing anyone needs is for it to become even more dangerous.

But this is the direction the federal government is pushing – by cutting marine communication centres, the very places and people who respond to emergency calls and events.

Ne touchez pas à la SV!

L’annonce de Stephen Harper de repousser l’âge d’admissibilité de 65 à 67 ans au programme de la Sécurité de la vieillesse (SV) est un énorme pas en arrière.

Hands off the OAS!

Stephen Harper's announcement to raise the age for Old Age Security (OAS) from age 65 to 67 is a giant step backwards. The Conservative government never announced such a proposal during the May election. It is revealing that Harper goes to Davos, Switzerland to tell Canadians about his plans to change the eligibility age for the OAS. Take action now.

Tell Caterpillar to get back to the bargaining table!

On January 1, Caterpillar locked out nearly 500 Electro-Motive Diesel workers in London, Ontario Canada. Days earlier, the company walked away from the bargaining table after demanding that workers accept a 50 per cent cut to wages and benefits.

Canada needs a National Public Transit Strategy!

Affordable, quality public transit is an issue that concerns all Canadians. We need a Made-in-Canada transit strategy that makes our cities greener, more livable and more accessible for all.