Federal help to stop the Mountain Pine Beetle in Alberta

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The Message:

I am writing to raise the issue of forest devastation in Western Alberta due to the Mountain Pine Beetle.

Federal government inaction against the pine beetle on federal lands has allowed the infestation to spread and it now threatens wide areas of forest in West Yellowhead. Forestry communities from Hinton to Rocky Mountain House are affected and there are no signs of relief in sight.

Infected trees reduce the stock for mills in the area, leading to job losses. But the effects of the pine beetle stretch well beyond eviscerating the forestry sector’s wood supply. Dead trees help fuel forest fires and quickly turn a manageable fire into a fast-growing and more unpredictable fire. In turn, dead or burnt forests impact Western Alberta’s outdoor recreation and tourist economy.

It is long overdue for the federal government to join the Alberta government and stop the spread of the pine beetle in our forests. I urge you to tell federal natural resources minister Amarjeet Sohi to take immediate action to control the infestation in Alberta.

I look forward to your reply.

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