Keep aerospace jobs at Bombardier Downsview

Bombardier Corporation has recently come out announcing that it is seeking to sell off the Downsview site, in the north end of Toronto. Media reports have also emerged that the company plans to sell of the Q400 aircraft.

This site employs more than 2,100 Unifor members in the production, office and technical divisions, along with a number of other direct and indirect jobs that stem from the work at the facility. Unifor is absolutely opposed to the sale of the Downsview property as it will result in the loss of good jobs - now and in the future.

Preserving Bombardier’s presence at Downsview is critical to the future of good jobs in the aerospace sector. All levels of government have invested significantly in creating an aerospace hub here, with Bombardier at the centre. Unifor is fighting any potential relocation every step of the way.

Please take a moment to sign this letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, your Member of Parliament, the local MP, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne your Member of Provincial Parliament, the local MPP, Mayor of Toronto John Tory and local Toronto City Councillor Maria Augimeri, calling on elected officials to refrain from taking any action that could ease the sale of Bombardier owned and occupied land at Downsview. This includes allowing for any possible re-zoning.

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The Message:


I am deeply concerned about the recent announcement from Bombardier that it is seeking to sell off its Downview facility. All three levels of government have invested heavily in this site, particularly from 1992 onward, when the federal and provincial government was instrumental in the acquisition of the Q400 aircraft from Boeing.

Since 1992, the Downsview area has become a hub for research and development, skills training and capital investment. This is the result of a strong partnership between the company and governments, recognizing the important role industrial policy can play in the aerospace sector. Bombardier is a significant anchor for the aerospace research hub located at Downsview. Unfortunately, Bombardier is seeking to turn its back on the investments made and the support received.

I am joining the call to all three levels of government – municipal, provincial and federal – to approach these negotiations from a position of strength, recognizing the power you do have to shape our communities and industries through industrial policy, ensuring Bombardier remains committed to the workers and communities who have helped to make Bombardier one of the world’s leading aircraft manufacturers. This includes preventing the sale and rezoning of the land on which Bombardier sits, ensuring new investments are made instead of recent investments neglected and ensuring any future agreements require continued reciprocity with the workers and communities that make the company a success.

This facility employs more than 3,500 people directly, with thousands of indirect jobs at suppliers and local commerce who rely on the critical mass of working people for their business. All three levels of government have a vested interest in maintaining and growing the local aerospace industry, as a source of good jobs.

It is imperative that all three levels of government take every action possible to prevent the sale of the facility and lands, as well as possible re-zoning.

Thank you for your consideration.


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  • The Honourable Kathleen Wynne - Premier of Ontario
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  • Maria Augimeri - Toronto City Councillor Ward 9