Personal emergency leave for auto workers

Ontario auto workers have been unfairly singled out with an Employment Standards Act exemption that provides a lesser standard of personal emergency leave than that given to other workers. Tell the Ontario government to fix this now! Sign the petition below.
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The Message:

To: Premier Kathleen Wynne; Minister of Labour Kevin Flynn

Ontario auto workers deserve the same protection under Ontario’s Employment Standards Act as other workers!

The exemption to provide a lesser standard of personal emergency leave is an unjust measure targeting more than 150,000 workers impacted by this legislation.

The Fair Workplaces Better Jobs Act, passed last month, allows workers 10 days of personal emergency leave, including two paid days for illness, injury, bereavement or other emergencies. However, the newly added exemption in regulation 502/06, in effect as of January 1, 2018, means auto workers would be entitled to only seven days for personal or family illness or emergencies and three days for each eligible bereavement, none of them paid.

This exemption is the result of pressure from profitable corporations that simply don’t want to provide their workers with two paid emergency leave days.

Workers across the sector are being punished in the name of greed, with those who work at lower-paying auto part plants and in non-unionized workplaces being hardest hit.

In a separate regulation, it was also decreed that auto workers will not have the same scheduling protections as other workers, regardless whether their collective agreement or contract deals with scheduling.

As a resident and a voter I believe in fairness for all workers. I join Unifor in the demand that the government take immediate action to reverse these unfair and unwarranted regulatory changes.

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