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Workers at D-J Composites were locked out by their American-based employer on December 19, 2016. They are members of Unifor, Local 597.
From the start, the company has used a variety of tactics to prolong the lockout and that violate labour laws. It became clear almost from the start that this employer wanted to break our union.

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Dear Minister Hawkins:
As you are aware, D-J Composites, an American-based employer operating an aerospace facility in Gander, has locked-out its employees since December 19, 2016. Members of Unifor Local 597 only seek a fair contract. The employer on the other hand wants to bust the union.
I am writing to ask that you step in and appoint a mediator as outlined under S. 115(1) of the Labour Relations Act.
It is also past time for your government to implement the Voisey’s Bay Industrial Inquiry Recommendation 5 that allows for binding arbitration in disputes of this nature. These workers and their families deserve a fair resolution and a fair contract, not another long winter locked-out in the cold.
D-J Composites has already been found guilty of bad faith bargaining by the Labour Board. And yet their bad behaviour continues. It has tried to bypass the democratic union.
It has hired throughout the lockout. It has used imported workers from its Kansas plant and now plans to hire replacement workers to do the work of Unifor members, even taking out an ad in the Gander Beacon newspaper.
Minister, this is unacceptable behaviour from an employer. I call on you to defend the rights of these workers.

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