It’s time for action for women’s equality

Lobby your Member of Parliament to take action for women’s equality. No woman should have to choose between economic security and her personal safety. By enacting paid domestic violence leave through the Canada Labour Code, the government of Canada can help women leave abusive relationships. To achieve full equality, Canada needs a national child care program. Everyone depends on someone who depends on child care. Pass these important messages along to your Member of Parliament by adding your name to the email below.

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The Message:

Dear Member of Parliament:

As a member of Unifor, I am part of Canada’s largest private sector union representing over 310,000 members from coast to coast to coast, including over 100,000 women.

I am asking you, as my elected Member of Parliament to take action in two areas that are current and key to women’s equality: paid domestic violence leave and funding a national child care program.

As a union, Unifor has bargained paid domestic violence leave provisions into many of our collective agreements. We do this because as a union know and hear directly that economic security is a primary determinant of safety for women in abusive relationship. No worker should have to choose between their safety and their job. The federal government can do its part. I am writing today to ask you to follow Manitoba’s lead and include paid domestic violence leave in the Canada Labour Code.

Unifor has also been active for a long time on the issue of child care. Our members are parents, co-workers of parents as well as child care providers. Everyone depends on someone who depends on child care and the federal government has a key role to play in putting into place a national child care program along with the provinces and territories. Affordable, quality public child care is foundational to women’s employment and financial security.

As the Member of Parliament for my riding, you have a role to play in ensuring action on gender equality. I look forward to hearing from you on the steps you will be taking on paid domestic leave and child care.


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