Stand up for Pensions – Stop C-27!

Now the Liberals are picking up where the Conservatives left off!

We need to let the government know that changing the pension rules will reduce the benefits that pensioners rely on and will result in weaker pension plans for workers across the country. If the federal government is successful, other provinces will likely follow with similar legislation.

National President Jerry Dias calls Bill C-27 a smoke and mirrors scheme that opens the way for employers to attack good defined benefit pension plans in federally regulated workplaces.

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The Message:

Dear Minister Morneau,

I am very concerned about Bill C-27 and the impact it will have on defined benefit plans across Canada.

For this reason, I took the time to write to tell you and my Member of Parliament how I feel.

This bill directly contradicts election promises made by Prime Minister Trudeau. As Canada’s Minister of Finance your priority should be the development of policies that improve retirement security in Canada, such as ensuring that women and persons with disabilities are not left behind on the new CPP expansion.

You should not be introducing proposals that undermine the decent pension plans unions have negotiated.

I ask that you withdraw Bill C-27 and focus your attention on improving retirement security for all Canadians.


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