Dignity 4 Residents. Respect 4 Long-Term Care Providers.

Whereas the Nova Scotia Government has cut funding to Long-Term Care in fiscal years (2015-2016 & 2016-2017), which will impact the quality of care Nova Scotian’s deserve;

Whereas Nova Scotia has the highest ratio of citizens 65 years and older compared to children aged 0 to 14 years of any Canadian province; and

Whereas Nova Scotia’s aging population requires additional investment in Long-Term Care;

Therefore, we call upon the Government of Nova Scotia to reverse the funding cuts to Long-Term Care, respecting the dignity of patients and fairness for those who deliver the care.

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Dear Premier Stephen McNeil,

I do not agree with your government's decision to cut funding to long-term care in Nova Scotia and demand that you and your government reverse the cuts immediately.

Our senior citizens deserve to live in dignity and this includes receiving quality long-term care. There have been layoffs at facilities like Northwood in Halifax and Victoria Haven in Glace Bay and budget cuts at facilities across the province. I've heard that residents are incredibly upset about services being cut and about their homes choosing lower-quality food in order to manage shoe-string budgets. This is no way to treat our elderly.

I stand with Unifor, with health care workers and long-term care providers, and with residents across the province in demanding dignity for our seniors and respect for long-term care providers.

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  • Premier Stephen McNeil
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