Support for Northern Pulp Environmental Assessment

Some 240 Unifor members work at Northern Pulp, a Kraft pulp mill in Pictou, Nova Scotia.

Their employer has applied for an Environmental Assessment (EA) in order to build a modern effluent treatment plant. There is vocal opposition to the mill and the proposal for a new treatment system – a system similar to other mills across North America with additional technological upgrades designed to further reduce the mill’s environmental footprint.

Nova Scotia, along with the rest of Canada, has among the highest global standards for environmental stewardship in the forestry sector.

The union has submitted a letter to the Nova Scotia Department of the Environment in support of the Northern Pulp proposal for an Environmental Assessment for their new treatment facility. Without this new facility the mill will be forced to close, leaving hundreds immediately out of work and thousands more jobs across the forest sector at great risk.

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You may choose to use information we have submitted to add to your own submission, or simply send the message below showing your support for the scientific work that needs to be done to protect good jobs and our environment.

Unifor proudly represents 23,000 forestry workers across Canada. We are Canada’s largest union in the private sector with 315,000 members in every sector of the economy, and regularly advocates for good jobs, sustainable development, and progressive change for a better future.

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The Message:

I am writing in support of the Environmental Assessment application submitted by Northern Pulp for its new treatment facility. 

A lot has been said about Northern Pulp and its impact on the local community. I stand in agreement with many, including Unifor, that Boat Harbour must close and be cleaned up to respect Pictou Landing First Nations people and their land. I also know there are many positives about having 300 good-paying jobs in Pictou, supporting thousands more across Nova Scotia, particularly in rural communities.

The Nova Scotia Environment Act is an essential piece of legislation designed to protect our shared environment and guide our economic development. The Act rightly spells out its purpose through a set of principles for sustainable development that should guide its application, including:

------>    The linkage between economic and environmental issues, recognizing that long-term economic prosperity depends upon sound environmental management and that effective environmental protection depends on a strong economy. 

In this situation, science should determine the best path forward. Nova Scotia, along with the rest of Canada, has among the highest global standards for environmental stewardship in the forestry sector.

The job of government and every person we elect to represent us in government is to find the best way forward when there are many competing and sometimes opposing interests. Communities across Canada manage to find a fair balance where good mill jobs coexist with a prosperous fishing industry and thriving communities. 

We can and must find this balance for Pictou. There is a lot at stake: jobs, the environment, and respect for First Nations. We can and must find a solution that supports all three.

Thank you.​

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