Pay Fair Chartwell Retirement

Chartwell Retirement Homes pay many of their staff minimum wage, and would like to keep them frozen there till 2020. In fact, most of their employee’s do not even earn a living wage. They provide care and compassion to resident’s; work that is considered important enough that the Ontario Labour Relations Board has consistently denied them the right to strike and puts them under the same legislation as hospital workers.

Meanwhile the Chair of the Chartwell Board, former Premier Mike Harris earns $237,000.00 annually – for a part-time job.

Chartwell Retirement can afford to pay fair. These caregivers need your support.

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The Message:

Brent Binions Chartwell President & CEO and Mike Harris Chartwell Chair of the Board;

I am writing to ask that you immediately address the poverty wages paid to Chartwell Retirement Home workers. While the intent of retirement homes would be to provide a senior social living environment, the reality couldn’t be farther from the truth. Workers are actually providing health care and this is apparent when the Ontario labour relations board consistently finds retirement homes fall under the Hospital Labour Disputes Arbitration Act (HLDAA).

It is clear from the wages earned by the Chartwell Board Chair, ($237,000.00 annually) that this is a corporation that can afford decent wages. Ontarians remember when the former Premier of Ontario, Mike Harris gutted our health care system. More than 11,400 hospital beds were cut, tens of thousands of nurses, health professionals, patient support service and care workers were laid off, and 39 hospitals were closed, privatizing many of those services. History has a way of repeating itself, and the hiring of Mike Harris demonstrates Chartwells number one priority is their bottom line.

Chartwell, on the one hand, prides itself as being “in the business of health, happiness and peace of mind—for older adults, their families and the communities across Canada we call home. For us, Making People’s Lives BETTER is more than a vision: it’s our purpose.” On the other hand, many workers at Chartwell Retirement homes are earning minimum wage, constantly being overworked and juggling multiple part-time jobs.

This vision that Chartwell prides itself in clearly does not extend to the treatment of those who provide the care in their retirement homes. The conditions of work are the conditions of care.

I urge you to immediately take action and address the low wages being paid to workers at Chartwell Retirement Home.

Bargain collective agreements that respects your employees.

Pay Fair Chartwell

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