BC Ministry of Finance: support the proposed expansion to the CPP

Canada’s finance ministers have reached a historic agreement to expand the Canada Pension Plan (CPP). The provinces in favour of the new CPP have already signed on, with the exception of British Columbia. While BC has agreed to the deal in principal Finance Minister Mike de Jong has opened public consultation on the enhanced CPP.
We ask all British Columbia members to let the government know that you want speedy implementation of the new CPP reforms.
Send a letter to the BC Ministry of Finance.

En sécurité en mer?

Travailler en pleine mer peut être très dangereux, et la dernière chose que les travailleurs ont besoin est que cet emploi devienne encore plus dangereux. Or, c’est la direction que le gouvernement fédéral prend en coupant les centres de communication maritime, les endroits précis où des gens répondent aux appels et aux événements urgents.

Put Safety First on the High Sea

Working out on the open sea can be seriously dangerous – and the last thing anyone needs is for it to become even more dangerous.

But this is the direction the federal government is pushing – by cutting marine communication centres, the very places and people who respond to emergency calls and events.