Support Bill C-389: legal protection for transsexual and transgendered Canadians

 Support Bill C-389: legal protection for transsexual and transgendered CanadiansA private members bill that would prohibit discrimination on the basis of gender expression or identity could get through Parliament next
but we need your help to get it there.

C-389 is Burnaby MP Bill Siksay's third attempt to give transgendered and transsexual people protection under federal human rights and hate crime legislation. The bill
passed a report stage vote by only 12 votes in December. Opponents
are flooding MPs’ inboxes, opposing this crucial piece of human
rights legislation.

For trans people – those whose gender identity and gender expression does not match their birth sex – using a public bathroom, applying for a driver’s license, and similar daily interactions can trigger hostility, intolerance, discrimination and even violence.

But neither the Canadian Human Rights Act nor federal hate crimes legislation protect people from discrimination based on gender identity or expression.

PSAC has negotiated contract language prohibiting discrimination based on gender identity or expression and the Northwest Territories territorial human rights legislation, provides these protections to its residents.

It's time for the federal government to do the same. Everyone deserves dignity and respect in the workplace and on the streets.

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